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Looking to get an emergency lighting system installed in Clapham and surrounding areas? Here at Lola Electrical, we can provide you with a variety of services including the installation and maintenance of an emergency lighting system within both domestic and commercial properties. For any of our emergency lights services, give us a call on 0203 146 1859 and we’ll arrange a free no obligation quote for you.


Emergency Lights Installation in Clapham

Emergency lights installation ClaphamMost commercial buildings and HMO properties will need to have an emergency lighting system present in the case of the failure of the normal lighting system. Lola Electrical can supply you with fully qualified, NICEIC registered electricians that can perform any and all types of emergency lights installations Clapham and South London has available. Emergency lights installations need to have the appropriate maintenance and checks provided at all time to ensure the complete running of the system in case of a failure with the normal lighting installation.


Requirements of Emergency Lights Installations

As previously stated, by law, you need to have an emergency lighting system installed within many commercial buildings and HMO properties. This emergency lighting system will help keep people safe by illuminating the property in the scenario of a normal lighting system failure. You will need to have emergency lighting installed:

  • Above each exit door.
  • Above firefighting equipment.
  • Above safety signs or have the safety signs themselves luminescent.
  • At any change of floor level.
  • At each final exit point.
  • At intersections.
  • On all staircases.
  • Where there is a change of direction or corners.
  • Where you can find fire alarm call points.

These emergency lights installations in Clapham need to be on a separate power supply to the normal lighting system; the standard case for these is to have them battery operated with rechargeable batteries. Circuitry within the emergency lights will both charge the battery and ensure that it remains on as the emergency lighting system is being used. It is required that the battery within the emergency lighting system needs to have a duration of at least 1 hour but 1.5 hours is preferential. This gives plenty of time for people to safely exit a building in a calm and timely manner before the battery within the emergency lights runs out.

The batteries commonly used within emergency lighting installations in Clapham are sealed lead-acid batteries or nickel-cadmium batteries. Lola Electrical can install emergency lighting systems using both these battery types to ensure that you have the best emergency lights installation Clapham can provide for you.


Mandatory Testing of Emergency Lighting Installations

If you have an emergency lighting system, you need to ensure that it is always working in the case of an emergency as emergency lighting systems need to be used in the cases of:

  • Loss of power
  • Failure to the normal lighting system
  • When there is a fire

You should test your emergency lights system yourself on a monthly basis, however, it is mandatory that you get your emergency lights tested by a qualified electrician annually. Your emergency lights will be turned on during the test and need to last the whole duration of the test. If your lights fail to do this, then the electrician will need to address why, and you will need to have the necessary remedial works completed immediately.


Emergency Lighting Certificates in Clapham

To prove that you’ve had your emergency lighting system tested, you need to get a valid certificate present which is handed to you upon the completion of a successful test. An emergency lighting test is mandatory for all HMO properties and commercial buildings that have emergency lights installed. If your lighting does fail this test, then you won’t receive your certificate until the lighting is fixed.  This may mean that you might need to evacuate your building and you won’t be able to rent out your HMO property to tenants until you’ve received the emergency lighting certificate.

Lola Electrical can provide these certificates for all residents of Clapham.


Emergency Lighting Enquires in Clapham

Whether you need the best emergency lights installation Clapham has to offer or you’re looking for an emergency lighting test or remedial works, Lola Electrical can offer you all the services that you need for your emergency lights installation in Clapham. Give us a call on 0203 146 1859 for any enquiries you may have or if you would like to receive a free no obligation quote before booking an appointment with us.

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