Consumer Unit Installation

What is a Consumer Unit?

A consumer unit is often referred to as a fuse-box which is the main way of controlling electricity supply in your property. It distributes power throughout your property and is found where the electrical supply enters your property from the electricity meter. The consumer unit has three main components – circuit breakers, main switches and residual current devices. The consumer unit protects the property from events such as an electric shock or an electrical fire.


Consumer Unit Components

Main Switches – This is used to isolate the consumer unit and devices. As all electricity in the property should be connected to the consumer unit, turning the main switch to off will cut off electricity to the property. All consumer units should be accompanied by a main switch to ensure the safety of all occupants if an electrical fault were to happen.

Residual Current Devices – These protect a group of circuits from residual current or earth leakage. Because they protect a group of circuits, if one circuit were to be affected by earth leakage or residual current, then power to all the circuits will be cut to ensure safety.

Circuit Breakers – These are like residual current devices in the sense that they shut down an entire circuit for your safety, however there is usually a circuit breaker for each different room of your property, therefore, if one of the circuits in a room has an issue, then only the electricity in that room will be shut off. They protect from overload and over current; if there are too many items plugged into the same circuit, then the circuit will overload, and be tripped. The over current protects against faults within the circuit itself; if a cable becomes loose then the circuit will be tripped.

All properties should now have a consumer unit that contains all three of these components; if you have an old consumer unit that doesn’t have these, then you need to get a new consumer unit installed for your safety.


Types of Consumer Units

There are four main different types of consumer units:

  • Dual RCD Consumer Unit
  • High Integrity Consumer Unit
  • Main Switch Consumer Unit
  • RCD Incomer Consumer Unit

We can install any consumer unit that you need within a property.


Choosing Your Consumer Unit

There are many different consumer units by different brands, therefore, choosing the right one can be hard. Each property is different with everyone having different lights, a different amount of circuits and different electrical equipment being used, for example some properties have electric cookers and others have gas, therefore, there is no set consumer unit that is suitable for every property. Our engineers can help you choose the right model that will be perfect for your property and ensure that you have optimum safety. Once we have chosen the perfect consumer unit that suits your electrical needs in your property, we can then move onto the consumer unit installation.


Installation of a Consumer Unit

Whether you’ve recently had a new extension, a garage built, want an upgrade or your consumer unit has outlived its life, we can provide consumer unit installation for you. Installing a consumer unit is quick and simple and can be installed by many qualified professionals. However, even if you can install a consumer unit yourself, all cables and wires need to be checked and certified by a registered electrician, therefore, you should always get an electrician to sign off on your consumer unit installation.


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