Door Entry System Installation

To make your home, office or any other kind of building a safer place to be, a door entry system is a good security measure. This allows you to control who can and can’t access the building without the need for a key. Choosing Lola Electrical as your electrician will give you access to a high-quality door entry system installation service.


Different Types of Door Entry Systems

There are different kinds of door entry systems available, all with a different level of security protection. Which one is best for you is all dependent on the kind of building you need protecting and the budget that you have available. The following door entry systems are available:

  • Proximity Cards and Token Readers
  • Video and Wireless Intercom Systems
  • Door Entry Keypads
  • Biometric Systems


Proximity Cards and Token Readers

These systems have an electronic mechanism in place that controls the lock. They open when a card is swiped into the mechanism or when an ID card is tapped against the reader. These are useful for places such as offices to control who can enter the building. You can also get these mechanisms to open when the key card or identification card is in proximity. This is useful for buildings where you need your hands for uses such as lifting and the door will open when you approach.


Video and Wireless Intercom Systems

These are a common door entry system that is useful for any kind of domestic or commercial property. If someone were to ring or buzz to enter the building, you can have a video system that shows you exactly who is trying to enter the building. If you have this system for your home, you can connect it to a device such as your phone, so you can see who is at the door of your property. This can also record who is at your door, therefore, if a crime were to take place, the police can identify the culprit easier.


Door Entry Keypads

These are a good choice if you don’t want to carry around a key card as there is a risk that you could lose it. These door entry systems require a key code to open. You can control who has the combination to ensure that only the required people have the code.


Biometric Systems

These systems should be in place for premises that need a high level of security to ensure that nothing is stolen and to protect the public against anything that could be housed within the building. These work by taking retinal scans, hand prints and other forms of biological identification to ensure that only trusted officials can enter the building.


Installation of Door Entry Systems

Our engineers can install a door entry system of your choice for you. If you are unsure of what system you would like, we can help you decide what level of security you need depending on the property or business type. The installation of the system will be to the highest quality and will conform to current electrical and security standards. Once the system is installed, our engineers will show you how to use the system to ensure you know how it works.


Maintenance Of Door Entry Systems

With most electrical equipment, door entry systems require some form of maintenance. There should be regular checks to ensure that your security system is still working to its high standards. If you ever have a malfunction or need a replacement part, Lola Electrical are on hand to help you.


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