Fire Alarm Installation

Whether you own a domestic or commercial property, a fire alarm is an essential component of the premises. Lola Electrical engineers can install fire alarm systems for you in addition to providing 24/7 support for the maintenance of existing fire alarm systems whether they were installed by our engineers or another company.


Fire Alarm Systems

Before getting fire alarms installed, you should decide what kind of system you would like installed within the building.

  • Conventional Fire Alarm Systems – These are perfect for small premises or if you are on a budget. These fire alarms are each placed into a separate zone of a building and connected to a central control panel. Once a fire breaks out, the control panel will tell you which zone it is taking place in.
  • Addressable Fire Alarm Systems – These fire alarms are a great choice because they allow you to identify faults within your fire alarm system. Each alarm has its own address which can tell you which fire alarm is working, and which isn’t.
  • Analogue Addressable Fire Alarm Systems – These fire alarms are the perfect choice for large commercial buildings that receive a high level of traffic. Instead of monitoring separate zones, these fire alarms can tell you exactly where a fire has taken place instead of a rough vicinity. They can even detect early signs and contaminations.
  • Wireless Fire Alarm Systems – These are the most expensive kind of fire alarms, but you receive the most benefits from them. Not only do they offer everything an analogue addressable fire alarm system does, but they can do this completely wire free! Being battery operated, these fire alarms use special sensors and radio communications to transfer information when a fire is taking place.

There are also four different ways that fire alarms can detect a fire:

  • Ionisation Alarms – These fire alarms will be triggered when they detect small particles of smoke produced by fast flaming fires. They shouldn’t be placed in a kitchen as they are very sensitive and could be set off from innocent cooking fumes.
  • Optical Alarms – These fire alarms trigger when they detect large particles of smoke produced from slow flaming fires. These should not be placed near bathrooms as steam can falsely trigger them.
  • Heat Alarms – These fire alarms detect a rise in temperature and will be triggered when there is a sudden increase in temperature. These fire alarms are good for kitchens.
  • Multi-Sensor Alarms – These fire alarms combine heat and optical sensors for the superior fire alarm system. They are less prone to false readings that optical and ionisation alarms can create.


Installation of Fire Alarms

Fire alarms can be installed in different ways where the wires are flush in the building so they are not seen, or they are clipped to the wall where the wiring can be seen. It all depends on the building and the type of system that you would like to have installed. However, installation is easy, and it wouldn’t take our engineers long or disturb your way of living.


Maintenance of Fire Alarms

Once you have a fire alarm system in place, it is best to have regular tests on the fire alarms to ensure that they are working. You should also get regular checks from a certified body that can sign you off on fire alarm regulations. Lola Electrical engineers are happy to perform regular checks on any fire alarm system, whether they were installed by us or not.

If you have a malfunction of a fire alarm, we have a 24-hour service available so you can rest assured that an engineer will be sent to you immediately.


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