NICEIC Approved Contractor

  • Electricians working on domestic, commercial or industrial installations
  • Electricians completing Electrical Installation Condition Reports (Electrical safety Certificates)
  • Security Alarm Installations
  • Any electrical work covered by BS 7671


As part of the NICEIC Approved Contractor Scheme Lola Electrical is required to maintain the following requirements:

  • To have recently undertaken electrical installation work
  • Have an appropriate person as a Principal Duty Holder and one or more Qualified Supervisors.
  • Have premises and equipment that are suitable to meet the work demands of all works that are to be undertaken and have adequate test instruments to complete all tests required by BS 7671
  • To have recorded evidence of test instrument accuracy and maintenance.
  • Hold all relevant technical documents for the work Lola Electrical undertakes and the latest edition of BS7671
  • Be available for annual inspections from the NICEIC and have work available that represents the electrical work Lola Electrical typically undertakes. All work must comply with BS 7671 and relevant codes of practice.
  • To have a minimum £2 million Public Liability Insurance
  • A record of any complaints that have been received and evidence of how the complaint has been resolved.
  • Evidence of risk assessments being completed as required and a written Health & Safety policy.


The NICEIC’s platinum promise

The NICEIC’s Platinum Promise is the NICEIC’s commitment to ensure that all work that is completed by a NICEIC Approved Contractor meets the current electrical standards. In the rare event that the electrical work of a NICEIC contractor does not meet current standards the NICEIC can be contacted directly.

The NICEIC will support customers through the resolution process and help in making sure that the installation is put right and meets current electrical standards. If the contractor who completed the initial works is no longer able to carry out the required works, the Platinum Promise can be used if:

  • The contractor was registered with the NICEIC for the works that were completed at the time that the work was undertaken.
  • The work was completed with the last 6 years.

As part of the NICEIC’s Platinum Promise they will support you through their resolution process, helping to make sure installation work is right. Platinum Promise can take necessary steps to put work right, if the registered installer is no longer able to.

The Platinum Promise can be used if:

  • The contractor was registered with NICEIC for the type of work undertaken at the time the installation was complete
  • The work has been fully completed within the last six years.

In the event that the original contractor cannot complete the required works they can commission remedial works up to £25,000 the exclusions that apply can be seen by clicking here.

For further information on the NICEIC Complaints Process.
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