Electrical Rewiring Service

Electrical equipment is frequently used in the modern day and if you’re buying a building older than 25 years old, the wiring may not be able to support your electrical systems. You should get your home rewired if it is older than 25 years as faulty and old wiring is the biggest cause of electrical fires. Here at Lola Electrical, we can help you with full or partial rewiring to ensure that your property or building is safe.


When Should You Get Rewiring?

The most common reason to get rewiring done by an electrician is when the building is old, therefore, we recommend that you get your wiring checked at regular intervals if this is the case. However, we also recommend rewiring when:

  • There has been a flood or fire taken place; this can damage your existing circuits and it’s best to get them checked to be on the safe side.
  • An electrical installation has become unsafe; to avoid an electrical fire, the wires should be replaced whenever an installation becomes faulty.
  • If you’re adding new circuits in your property, then you’ll most likely need rewiring on your existing circuits for everything to run through your consumer unit.
  • If you’re getting an extension or upgrade to your building or property, then you need rewiring just as if you were adding new circuits.

You’ll most likely need a new consumer unit if you’re getting rewiring done, therefore you will need to inform building control of the work being undertaken. However, if you get the work completed by a NICEIC registered electrician, you don’t have to worry about doing anything as we will do it for you.


Checking Your Property For Rewiring

Before you move into a property, you should request for an electrical installation report. This will tell you if any of your circuits are faulty or needs rewiring; your electrician will also be able to tell you when the next report will need to take place dependant on the condition of the circuits in place.

You can also check if a building or property has recently been rewired yourself. When being shown around a building, you should check the electricity metre and the consumer unit. If there is an old-fashioned consumer unit with white ceramic style fuses, then chances are the building hasn’t been rewired in a very long time and will need to be rewired to conform to current electrical standards.

You should also check the colour of the wires around the consumer unit; if they are white or grey then this is a sure sign that the wiring is modern.

Because rewiring is a massive project, if you are unsure if your building needs rewiring, then get in touch with us and we can check it for you.


Getting Rewiring Done

If you’ve decided that rewiring is necessary, you should plan carefully before it takes place. Rewiring comes in two different parts; the first fix and the second fix. The first fix is very disruptive to the property because wires run everywhere through the floorboards to the ceiling, therefore, floorboards are going to be taken up and ceilings will get cut into. This fix can take about two days or more and the second fix will be just as long, therefore, it is advised that if you are having your home rewired you find alternative accommodation whilst the work is being undertaken. If you cannot relocate then you should limit yourself to just one room that you can live in to ensure that the rest of the building’s rewiring can take place.

Here at Lola Electrical, we will do our best to be as quick and as tidy as possible, to ensure that your normal life can resume as quickly as possible. For more information or to arrange a no obligation quote get in touch today.
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