Terms and Conditions


Consumer Units/ Fuse Board Replacements

  • Quoted prices are for replacing existing consumer units only.
  • When upgrading consumer units, the new circuit protection can on occasion detect pre-existing faults with the circuits. The quoted prices do not include finding and rectifying pre-existing faults.
  • In the event of the new circuit protection detecting pre-existing faults the circuit will be left isolated (if a simple solution cannot be found) and a quote for the required remedial works will be provided.

Payment Terms

  • Payments for EICR’s, Electrical Safety Checks, Electrical Inspections, Emergency Call Outs, Call Outs and any Minor Electrical Works will need to be received before the requested work commences.
  • Payments Can be made through the website, by card over the telephone, by bank transfer or by card onsite when the engineer arrives on site.
  • For larger planned jobs payment terms need to be confirmed in writing before the job commences.
  • In the event that credit is given to client’s invoices are to be paid on receipt of invoice, within 24 hours.
  • Late Payments: 20% of the invoice total will be added to the invoice total (e.g. £100 invoice + 20% = £120) for all late payments of more than 7 days from the invoice due date.
  • Late Payments of more than 14 days will be referred to Lola Electricals’ solicitor where further compensation, interest and legal fees will apply.

Refund Policy

  • Lola Electrical and The Lola Group do not offer refunds after work has been completed.
  • Any concerns or issues in relation to the work that has been completed will need to be raised prior to the engineer leaving site.
  • In the event that a complaint is raised after the engineer leaves site the engineer whom completed the work will return to rectify any issues with their work.
  • Lola Electrical and The Lola Group are not responsible for pre-existing faults or defects within the property and will only rectify these after a quote has been agreed.

Non attendance an late cancellation of works

  • In the rare event that Lola Electrical does not arrive for or cancels an appointment with less than 48 hours’ notice Lola Electrical will issue the client with £50 in compensation.
  • If a client does not arrive for or cancels an appointment with less than 48 hours’ notice Lola Electrical will charge the client £50 for compensation.