Electrical Certificates Fulham

Lola Electrical can supply you with essential electrical certificates Fulham must provide to you. We offer a range of different electrical certificates to ensure that the electrical installations within your domestic or commercial property are safe to use. If you require an electrical certificate in Fulham, give Lola Electrical a call on 0203 146 1859 and we will book in an appointment for you. All work carried out with Lola Electrical is completed by an NICEIC registered contractor.


Types of Electrical Certificates in Fulham

Electrical Certificates FulhamThere are a few different types of electrical certificates available in Fulham. These are:

  • Electrical Installations Condition Reports
  • Landlords Electrical Safety Certificates
  • Electrical Installation Certificates

Lola Electrical is a certified electrician that can carry out the relevant tests and inspections before providing you with your electrical certificate.


Electrical Installation Condition Reports in Fulham

As mentioned above, one of the certificates that Lola Electrical can provide is the certificate that you obtain after you have been given an electrical installation condition report; you receive this report after an electrical inspection of your property has taken place. This inspection is of the electrical circuits and wiring of the property and not the electrical appliances. This check will be thorough and on the report that you receive, it will detail:

  • Whether there are any loose or damaged cables and wiring that is a safety concern.
  • That electrical circuits have the correct protection devices in place and are in full working order.
  • Any deviations within the electrical systems that pose a health and safety risk such as an electrical fire or electrical shock.
  • That there is an adequate amount of earth bonding present on gas and water supplies.

This is one of the necessary electrical certificates Fulham must have available. If you fail the electrical inspection, then you will be unable to do activities, such as, rent out your property or sell your property; by law, you need a valid electrical certificate in order to rent, sell or buy a property. Lola Electrical can also provide the mandatory remedial works upon a failed electrical inspection, to ensure you receive your electrical certificate.


Landlords Electrical Safety Certificates in Fulham

If you’re a landlord, you need to ensure that all the electrical equipment, appliances and fittings installed within the property are safe to use and conform to the current electrical standards. Landlord electrical certificates Fulham provides isn’t a necessary, legal requirement like electrical installation condition reports, however, you are advised to get them as they mark your electrical equipment as safe. This is because you are responsible for the electrical appliances and equipment that you supply to the tenants; if the tenant were to occur an injury through a faulty electrical appliance, then you may be held liable. Getting a landlord electrical safety certificate can help protect you from any claims that the tenant may make as the certificate will prove that you provided them with safe equipment.


Electrical Installation Certificate in Fulham

By law, you are required to ensure that any new electrical installations or alterations conform to the current electrical standards that have been set. The way to show this is through an electrical installation certificate. This is another electrical certificate in Fulham that Lola Electrical can supply. You may have had new installations installed by a builder sub-contracting to an electrician who isn’t part p qualified. In these cases, Lola Electrical will send a NICEIC registered contractor to perform a thorough inspection of the new electrical circuits that have been installed. Additionally, we can perform an inspection for part p installations within a communal building. If there are any discrepancies in the new electrical circuits, then we will inform you and advise you on the recommended changes that need to take place.

Once you have completed a passed inspection, we will present you with an electrical installation certificate.


Remedial Works With Lola Electrical

If you have been unable to obtain the relevant electrical certificates Fulham has to offer, then it is most likely that you need some remedial works carried out. Lola Electrical engineers are fully qualified to perform any and all remedial works that you require in order to receive your electrical certificates in Fulham.


Getting Your Electrical Certificates in Fulham

Whether you need mandatory electrical certificates Fulham has on offer or would like recommended certificates, Lola Electrical can provide you with all electrical certificates in Fulham. To arrange an inspection with a fully qualified engineer, call us on 0203 146 1859 to book an appointment that suits you.

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