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Electrical certificates are a mandatory requirement if you’re a landlord renting out a property, if there has been a fire or flood on the property or if you are buying or selling a property. Lola Electrical can provide you with the cheapest electrical certificates Richmond can offer you. To book an appointment for your electrical installation condition report in Richmond, call us on 0203 146 1859 and we can provide you with an electrical certificate.


What are Electrical Certificates?

Electrical certificates are the documents that you’re presented with after an electrical installation condition report has taken place. This report is performed by a certified electrician and it checks the electrical devices and circuits within a property or building to ensure that they are safe. This is measured through a series of tests to check that your electrical systems conform to current laws and standards.


What Does The Inspection pick up?

To receive your electrical certificates Richmond, an inspection will need to take place on your complete electrical systems and a report will be gathered. This report will pick up on electrical issues such as:

  • Any deviations and safety concerns from current electrical standards such as loose or damaged cables and wiring.
  • Electrical circuits and equipment need the correct protection devices in place; if this protection is absent or not up to date, then the report will reveal this.
  • If your electrical equipment is at risk of creating a fire or another health and safety hazard, it will detect any faults within the circuit that can cause these.
  • All gas and water mains supplies need to be earth bonded; the report will identify any that aren’t earth bonded.
  • The report will also advise a next inspection date depending on the current standards of the electrical systems.


What Happens After the Inspection?

Before you can receive your electrical certificate in Richmond, the report needs to be checked to ensure that everything is in good working order. If there are any major health and safety concerns whilst the report is taking place, then our electricians at Lola Electrical will perform the fixes and remedial works then and there to ensure that the property or building is safe for anyone that enters.

If the report has picked up any recommendations and observations, then you’ll need to get these fixed before you can receive your electrical certificate. Here at Lola Electrical, we are happy to not only perform the inspection and report for you, but we are happy to perform any remedial works to ensure that you can receive your electrical certificates in Richmond. We will schedule in an appointment for you as soon as possible to make sure everything is fixed. Once the remedial works have taken place, we will perform another installation condition report for you completely free of charge to then present you with your electrical certificate.


When do I Need an Electrical Certificate?

You need an electrical certificate in scenarios such as:Electrical Certificates Richmond

  • When you are buying or selling a property; you need to make sure that the property you’re moving into is safe and the property that you’re handing over is also safe.
  • When you are a landlord renting out a property to tenants; you are required by law to ensure that the electrics are safe within the property. You must get a new electrical certificate every time your current electrical certificate expires.
  • If there has been a flood or a fire, then there is a chance that something has happened to your electrical systems. If these occur, then you’ll need another electrical inspection to provide a report to ensure that everything is safe, or the necessary repairs can be made.
  • Scheduled inspection dates for when your current electrical certificate in Richmond has expired.


Getting Your Electrical Certificates in Richmond

Here at Lola Electrical, we provide our services for the entire of South London including Richmond. If you want the cheapest, most detailed electrical certificates Richmond can provide you with, then give Lola Electrical a call on 0203 146 1859. We will schedule in an appointment for you at a time that is convenient for you as we provide our services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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