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If you’re looking for affordable electrical certificates Weybridge has available, then look no further than Lola Electrical. Lola Electrical can provide you with NICEIC registered contractors to undertake a thorough electrical inspection of your premises before presenting you with an electrical certificate. Call us on 0203 146 1859 to book an appointment with us today!


First Class Electrical Certificates in Weybridge with Lola Electrical

Electrical installations of all kinds in Weybridge will degrade over time with age and use. To ensure that they are still safe for use, you’ll need to be issued with an electrical certificate which you need if you’re looking to buy, sell or lease a property. Lola Electrical can supply you with first class, reliable NICEIC and part p approved contractors in Weybridge that will perform an electrical inspection for you. You can rely on our electricians to complete a thorough inspection without cutting any corners to ensure that your electrical installations are safe for use. If the inspection is a success, you’ll be issued with your electrical certificates in Weybridge.


Why get an Electrical Certificate?

An electrical certificate in Weybridge is a mandatory certificate that you need if you are a landlord, own a commercial premise, selling a property or renting a property. But getting your electrics certified is good because it:

  • Checks for faults and defects
  • Prevents electrical fires
  • Checks that fittings and appliances are safe
  • Spots dangerous conditions
  • Provides a safe and worry-free home

Whether you are looking for an electrical certificate for mandatory requirements or for peace of mind, Lola Electrical can ensure you get the necessary electrical certificates Weybridge can provide for you.


How to know when you need an Electrical Certificate

Whether you are a homeowner, a landlord or own a commercial premise, there are so many responsibilities that you have. If you are new to these responsibilities, then it can be hard and daunting to know what they all are and when they need to be done. If you are responsible for the electrical installations within a property or premise, then you should get an electrical certificate:

  • Every 10 years for an owner-occupied home
  • Every 5 years for a rented property
  • When there is a change of tenancy within a property
  • Every 5 years for industrial and commercial premises
  • Every 3 years for caravans
  • Every year for a property or commercial premises with a swimming pool
  • If there has been a flood or fire on the premises

If you are unsure whether you need an electrical certificate, then Lola Electrical is here to help with any enquiries you may have.


Arranging Remedial Works for your Electrical Certificates in Weybridge

You will be issued with your electrical certificate if your electrical installations conform to the current electrical standards. You will need remedial works if:

  • There are any deviations and safety concerns from the current electrical standards such as loose connections or damaged cables.
  • There are any missing or inadequate protective devices.
  • There are any potential fire or shock risks from defective installations.
  • There is any earth bonding missing from gas or water mains supply.

These will all be detailed on an electrical installation condition report that you will receive after your electrical inspection and before your electrical certificate. The electrician will then detail what remedial works need to be completed in order to receive your electrical certificate and these will be ranked on a scale of urgency.

Lola Electrical can provide you with fully qualified and trained electricians that will offer you a fair and honest quote for any remedial works that need to take place. We can also perform another electrical inspection after the completed remedial works free of charge before issuing you with your electrical certificate.


Receiving your Electrical Certificates in Weybridge

If you require recognised electrical certificates Weybridge can supply you with, then call Lola Electrical on 0203 146 1859. We will provide you with NICEIC registered contractors to perform an electrical inspection and remedial works in conjunction with the part p regulations. For any more information, please do not hesitate to email us on liam@lolaelectrical.co.uk.

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