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Here at Lola Electrical we can offer many services including our electrical certificates Wimbledon service. This service will cover everything you need including the electrical inspection in Wimbledon, the electrical installation condition report and finally the electrical certificate itself. To book an appointment to receive your electrical certificate in Wimbledon, call Lola Electrical on 0203 146 1859.


What is an Electrical Certificate in Wimbledon?

Electrical Inspection WimbledonElectrical certificates are documents that you receive after an electrical inspection on your electrical installations have taken place. The electrical certificate is valid for 10 years and will prove that the electrical installations and equipment within the property or building have been marked as safe to use by a certified electrician. You can also get electrical certificates when you add a new electrical installation or alter an existing one within the property, as you need to declare that these new installations are safe to use.


Why Get an Electrical Certificate in Wimbledon?

Electrical installations deteriorate over time even if the appropriate maintenance works have taken place. When electrical installations deteriorate, it can be very dangerous for the user as there is an increase risk of electrical shock, or worse electrical fires. Getting our electrical certificates Wimbledon service will help to minimise the risk of an electrical fire or shock occurring. This is because a certified NICEIC registered contractor will perform a thorough check on all your electrical installations to ensure that they conform to the current electrical standards. Once the inspection has passed, we can provide you with your electrical certificate.

Getting an electrical certificate is important because it will identify any potential problems within your electrical installations which will ensure you stay safe, however, it is mandatory by law to possess an electrical certificate when:

  • You are leasing out a property to tenants.
  • You are buying a property.
  • You are selling a property.
  • There has been a flood or a fire that has taken place on the property or building.

When your electrical certificate expires in these cases, you should always make sure that you receive a new valid one before your existing certificate expires.


How do You Know When to Receive an Electrical Inspection in Wimbledon?

As electrical installations deteriorate over time, you’re going to need regular periodic inspections (electrical inspections) to ensure that you are living in a safe environment. It can be hard to know when you require our electrical certificates Wimbledon service other than when your electrical certificate expires. However, you can receive a whole host of problems within 10 years, therefore, we recommend that you have an electrical inspection every:

  • 10 years for a property that you own and live in.
  • 5 years for a property that is leased out to tenants.
  • 3 years for caravan properties.
  • 1 year for a property that has a swimming pool.

Once your electrical inspection has taken place, we can provide you with a recommended date for your next electrical inspection on the electrical installation condition report that is provided to you. In some cases, you may have another inspection date sooner than you expected dependent on the condition of your electrical systems.


What is an Electrical Installation Condition Report?

You will receive your electrical installation condition report as part of our electrical certificates Wimbledon package; you will receive it after the electrical inspection has taken place. This report will detail the findings from the electrical inspection that took place. It will highlight:

  • Any deviations from the current electrical standards such as loose or damaged cables.
  • Whether the correct protective devices are in place.
  • Whether there are any defectives within the installations that could cause a fire or shock risk.
  • That all the gas and water supplies have the correct earth bonding in place.
  • The next recommended electrical inspection date.

If there are any of these highlights that don’t conform to the current electrical standards, then you cannot receive your electrical certificate in Wimbledon until the appropriate remedial works have taken place.


Getting Your Electrical Certificates in Wimbledon

Whether you are landlord leasing out your property or you are buying or selling a property, you’re going to need an electrical certificate. If you live in Wimbledon, give Lola Electrical a call on 0203 146 1859 to receive our electrical certificates Wimbledon services.

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