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Commercial, domestic and industrial properties all need regular electrical inspection Hounslow services from an accredited electrical engineer. Here at Lola Electrical, we have a team of experienced, qualified and friendly electricians that perform services in and around Hounslow. You can rest assured that our electrical engineers will carry out a thorough inspection of your electrical installations at a competitive price. Call us on 0203 146 1859 to receive a free no-obligation quote for your property.


Electrical Inspection Hounslow Services at Lola Electrical

Here at Lola Electrical, we can perform a variety of electrical services within Hounslow and South London including outstanding electrical inspection services at competitive prices. The prices for our electrical inspection Hounslow services start from:

Electrical inspection Hounslow

  • Studio Apartment £90 EICR
  • 1-3 Bedroom Property £100 EICR
  • 4-5 Bedroom Property £120 EICR
  • Additional Fuse Board £60
  • Additional Circuit £12
  • PAT Certificate £90
  • Commercial Single Phase £120 EICR
  • Commercial Three Phase £150
  • Commercial Additional Fuse Board £90
  • Commercial Additional Circuit £15
  • Commercial PAT Certificate £100

If you’re unsure what category your property falls into, we are happy to send an engineer to provide you with a quote for your electrical inspection.


What is an Electrical Inspection?

An electrical inspection is a process of inspecting and testing the electrical installations within a property. Upon completion, you are presented with an electrical installation condition report (EICR). The electrician will visually inspect the electrics and discover how many fuse boards and circuits there are before performing a series of tests to identify:

  • Any missing or inadequate earth bonding on water and gas main supplies.
  • Any missing or inadequate safety devices that should be present on all electrical circuits.
  • Any deviations from the current electrical standards.
  • Whether there are any RCD’s that are not working correctly.
  • Whether there is any defective electrical work within the electrical installations.
  • Any damaged or deteriorated electrical installations such as loose or damaged cables and sockets.
  • Any health and safety risks such as shock damage or fire hazards.
  • How old the electrical installations are, to see if rewiring needs to take place.

Once you’ve been presented with the electrical installation condition report on completion of the electrical inspection Hounslow service, you could be presented with a grade on this report. The grades are as follows:

  • C1 – The electrical installations pose immediate danger risks; therefore, remedial works will need to be performed immediately before continued use of the electrical systems.
  • C2 – The electrical installations have a high electrical risk and remedial works will need to be completed as soon as possible within an allotted time frame.
  • C3 – Remedial works are recommended to improve the electrical installations, but you can still pass the electrical inspection with this grade.

If any of these grades are present on your report, Lola Electrical engineers are happy to offer you a free no-obligation quote for all remedial works that are needed.


When to receive an Electrical Inspection Hounslow Service

All electrical installations will deteriorate with age and use, therefore, it’s vital that you get them regularly inspected and tested. Because the potential consequences of faulty electrical installations are quite high, there are government regulations in place to ensure that you receive your electrical inspection Hounslow services:

  • Every 10 years for a self-owned property (recommended)
  • Every 5 years for a leased property (required)
  • Every 5 years for a commercial property (required)
  • Every 5 years for an industrial property (required)
  • Every 3 years for a caravan (required if leased)
  • Every year for a property with a swimming pool (required if commercial or leased)
  • When there is a change of tenancy (recommended)
  • When buying or selling a property (recommended)
  • When a flood or fire has taken place on the property (required if commercial)

By having regular electrical inspections and a valid electrical installation condition report, you could keep your property, tenants, the public and your workforce safe. Additionally, you will be protected from claims as a result of electrical injuries and be able to claim on insurance policies.


Receiving your Electrical Inspection in Hounslow

If you live in Hounslow or surrounding areas, then Lola Electrical can provide you with your local electrical inspection Hounslow service at affordable prices. Call us on 0203 146 1859 and get your inspection booked in today!

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