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By using the electrical inspection Richmond service at Lola Electrical, the electrical installations within your property will be thoroughly inspected, ensuring that they are safe to use. An electrical inspection is required in many different properties as it is mandatory that you have a valid electrical installation condition report in Richmond. Call Lola Electrical on 0203 146 1859 to book your electrical inspection in Richmond.


What is an Electrical Inspection?

Electrical Inspection RichmondAn electrical inspection is the process of an electrician performing a series of tests and inspections on the electrical installations within a property. This electrician will need to be fully qualified and registered to sign off your electrical inspection as valid with the appropriate authorities. An electrical inspection will typically last around 3-4 hours, but it depends on the size of the property being inspected and the number of circuits that need testing. Upon completion of the electrical inspection, you will be presented with an electrical installation condition report (also known as an electrical certificate).

During the electrical inspection, the electrician will test and inspect:

  • For any safety concerns or deviations from electrical standards such as loose or damaged cables.
  • The electrical circuits and equipment that should have appropriate protective devices in place.
  • For any defectives within the installations or any potential health and safety risks or fire hazards.
  • The water and gas main supplies within the electrical installations for the appropriate earth bonding that should be present.
  • For any electrical circuits or equipment that could be overloaded.


Why get an Electrical Inspection Service in Richmond?

Many people are under the false impression that electrical inspections and tests are costly in terms of money and time, and as a result, don’t schedule in our electrical inspection Richmond service. Most electrical inspections that we undertake in Richmond are little hassle to the customer and give you peace of mind for a lower price than you may think.

All electrical installations will deteriorate with age and use regardless of the quality of the installation. Electrical inspections reveal potential problems that may arise within an electrical installation. Once potential problems have been identified, they can be rectified before they become a costly fix or before they result in an electrical injury or an electrical fire. As a general rule of thumb, if your electrical systems are more than 20 years old, it is highly likely that many circuits or components will need replacing due to deterioration.

Not only does our electrical inspection Richmond service prevent injuries, damage and unnecessary costs, but it many cases, you are required by law to receive one as it’s imperative that you have a valid electrical installation condition report. You are required to receive an electrical inspection Richmond service:

  • Every 5 years as a landlord of a rental property.
  • Every 5 years for an industrial or commercial property where the public or workforce use the electrical equipment.
  • If a flood or fire has taken place on the property.
  • Yearly if the property or building has a swimming pool present.
  • Every 3 years for a rented caravan.

It is recommended to receive an electrical inspection service:

  • When there is a change of tenancy within a property.
  • Every 10 years for a self-owned property.
  • When you are buying or selling a property.


What Happens if the Electrical Inspection Identifies Faults Within the Electrical Installations?

Getting an electrical inspection can be a stressful time due to the worry of an electrical fault being discovered. In these cases, Lola Electrical engineers will provide you with a report that details all the remedial works that are needed in addition to any remedial works that are recommended. We will also inform you of the urgency level associated with all work that needs to be completed.

Lola Electrical offers fair and competitive quotes throughout Richmond and South London.


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To book our electrical inspection Richmond service for your property, call Lola Electrical on 0203 146 1859 and one of our friendly team will arrange a time that is convenient for you. We also offer electrical inspection services across South London and are fully qualified to perform all electrical remedial works.

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