Electrical Installation Condition Report Kingston

Are you looking for a way to ensure that the electrics within your Kingston property are safe? Our electrical installation condition report Kingston services will ensure that your electrical installations receive a thorough inspection to detect any faults or defectives that don’t conform to the current electrical standards. To book your electrical inspection in Kingston, call Lola Electrical on 0203 146 1859.


Electrical Installation Condition Reports in Kingston

Are you unsure of the age and condition of your electrical installations? Are you a landlord of a property who needs the safety of your electrics checked? Are you buying or selling your home? If these sound like you, then you should get an electrical installation condition report. Lola Electrical can provide a team of expert electricians that can conduct a series of tests and inspections on your electrical installations and circuits.

When an inspection takes place on the electrical installations, an electrical installation condition report is the formal assessment that will record all the findings that were found. The purpose of this assessment is to ensure the safety of the people within the premises that are using the electrical installations. Upon completion, if it’s found that the electrical installations conform to electrical standards, then a certificate will be issued on the property to certify this. An electrical installation condition report in Kingston can highlight:

  • If there is a lack of or inadequate earth bonding on water and gas supplies.
  • If there aer any health and safety concerns that are a fire or shock risk.
  • If there is any defective electrical work.
  • If there are any loose, damaged or overloaded circuits and equipment.
  • If there is a lack of or inadequate safety devices on the electrical circuits.

On the report, you will also get the next inspection date in addition to the urgency of any remedial works that may need to take place in order to receive your electrical certificate in Kingston.


Why get an Electrical Installation Condition Report in Kingston?

In many cases, it is necessary to get an electrical installation condition report Kingston can provide you with. However, it is also strongly recommended that you receive an electrical installation condition report because they can save you money in the long-term and more importantly, can prevent damage to your property and save lives. This is because the main purposes of the report are:

  • To ensure the safety of people and livestock against electrical fires or shocks.
  • To protect the property from any damage that may ensue from electrical malfunctions.
  • To identify any conformities that don’t conform to current electrical regulations.
  • To confirm that the electrical installations within a property are safe.

Finding electrical issues before an electrical installation malfunctions can save you money because it’s always cheaper to complete remedial works to prevent damage than to perform remedial works to fix a broken electrical installation. If you need any remedial works to make your electrical installations safe and conform to electrical regulations, then Lola Electrical can offer you a fair quote for all remedial works needed.


Reliable and Qualified Electricians in Kingston

Lola Electrical can provide you with the best electrical installation condition report Kingston has to offer in addition to reliable, professional and fully qualified electricians for all your electrical needs. We are always striving to achieve 100% customer satisfaction and we go the extra mile to achieve this:

Excellent electrical service. Liam and the team are always keen to go the extra mile to provide excellent service to customers. Highly recommended.

We provide all our Kingston customers with a free no obligation quote for their electrical installation condition reports in addition to any other electrical service that they need. On completion, the work will be signed off with the relevant bodies and regulations and you can rest assured that there will be no hidden costs or fees added to your bill.


Receiving your Electrical Installation Condition Reports in Kingston

To receive the highest quality electrical installation condition report Kingston can provide for you, call Lola Electrical on 0203 146 1859. If you would like any more information on our services or your report, email liam@lolaelectrical.co.uk.

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