Emergency lights Installation Twickenham

Emergency lighting is an essential part of any building in the case of a normal lighting failure. Lola Electrical can provide you with the most effective emergency lights installation Twickenham has to offer. Our experienced, NICEIC registered contractors can ensure that you have an emergency lighting installation that will never let you down. Give us a call on 0203 146 1859 to book an appointment.


Best Emergency Lights Installation Twickenham Has to Offer

Lola Electrical only employs fully qualified and skilled electricians to provide you with your emergency lights installation in Twickenham. If you have a commercial building, then chances are you’re going to need to have an emergency lighting system in place. Lola Electrical contractors are fully qualified to guarantee you have the best emergency lights installation Twickenham can offer. Our engineers pay attention to every little detail to ensure you receive a system that you are happy with.Emergency lights installation Twickenham

Not only do we have the highest-quality installation service available, but we can provide you with a range of comprehensive services, such as:

  • System Design
  • Full Installation of The Emergency Lighting Installation
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Cost-Effective LED Lighting Fittings

With all these services available to you, you will have an emergency lighting system that will never let you down.


Emergency Lighting Systems

Emergency lighting systems are a necessary requirement in many different commercial buildings. What lighting system you require will be dependent on the size of the building, type of building and the number of people that enter the building. The risk to the public is also factored in when considering the lighting system as some buildings will be more dangerous than others if the normal lighting system were to occur a power failure.

In large premises, it is imperative that a complex, emergency lighting system is in place. If the normal lighting system fails, emergency lights need to be installed and working:

  • On all staircases.
  • Where there is a change of direction or corners.
  • Above each exit door.
  • Above safety signs or have the safety signs themselves luminescent.
  • At each final exit point.
  • Where you can find fire alarm call points.
  • At intersections.
  • At any change of floor level.
  • Above firefighting equipment.

These are the places that emergency lighting must be present. You can have an extensive system that has illuminated signs across the walls pointing to the direction of the nearest fire exit. These systems are especially useful in buildings such as hospitals. Lola Electrical can help design and supply you with the best emergency lights installation Twickenham has to offer.


Emergency Lighting Systems With Lola Electrical

Within many commercial properties, not only are you required by law to have an emergency lights system installed, but it helps to keep everyone within the building safe and is a great choice in any scenario. Lola Electrical can provide you with self-contained units that are wired to the main switch. These lighting systems will only turn on when a fault occurs in your normal lighting system. Before we supply you with a system, one of our trained electricians will perform an inspection of your premises. This ensures that we know exactly what emergency lighting system your building requires. We can then design an entire lighting system for you that works and looks great, including a range of LED options.

When Lola Electrical installs an emergency lighting system for you, we will make sure that we leave disruption to your premises to a minimum.


Emergency Lights Maintenance

Your emergency lighting system always needs to be in fully working order in the case of a sudden malfunction of your normal lighting system. For systems such as these, it is best to have preventative maintenance other than fixes as there could be a fatal accident in the case of no lighting present. Our engineers can perform routine checks and inspections on your emergency lighting system and provide you with any remedial works should you need them.


Getting Your Emergency Lighting System Installed in Twickenham

If you’re looking to get the best emergency lights installation Twickenham can provide you with, then look no further than Lola Electrical. We are an electrician company based in Teddington but offer our services to Twickenham and South London. To book your emergency lights installation in Twickenham, call us on 0203 146 1859.

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