Landlords’ Electrical Certificates Clapham

As a landlord, you have several responsibilities that you need to adhere to including electrical responsibilities. You need to ensure that the electrical installations and equipment within your property are safe to use and Lola Electrical can provide a comprehensive landlords’ electrical certificates Clapham service, so you can get all the certificates you need to prove the electrics within your property are safe. Call Lola Electrical on 0203 146 1859 to book an appointment today!


Landlords’ Electrical Certificates in Clapham

As a landlord, you must provide a great duty of care to your tenants and in many cases, you need certification that you are doing so. The different types of electrical certification are electrical inspection reports (electrical installation condition reports), electrical safety certificates and electrical installation certificates. Lola Electrical can ensure our landlords’ electrical certificates Clapham services are the best that you will receive at an affordable price, so you can rest assured that anything electrical in your property is safe for tenants to use after being checked by our NICEIC registered and part p electricians.

Once the electrical circuits within the property have been deemed as safe, you will be presented with an electrical certificate.


Landlord’s Electrical Inspection Reports in Clapham

A landlord electrical inspection report is a necessary requirement by law if you’re wanting to lease out your property to tenants. The electrical inspection is where a certified electrician will perform a thorough check on all the electrical circuits and systems. This inspection will need to be performed periodically and the frequency will depend on the type of building in addition to the age and condition of the electrical systems.

The outcome will establish the standards of the electrical systems and whether they are satisfactory for continued use or whether any remedial works are needed to make them satisfactory. As a landlord, you must have this inspection at least every five years or if there is a change in tenancy.


Landlord’s Electrical Safety Certificates in Clapham

Another duty as a landlord is to ensure that any electrical equipment you supply within the property is safe to use; one way of proving this is for the appliances to have a CE marking on them. However, due to misuse or faults, electrical equipment can malfunction which could cause harm to the user. If it’s serious harm, your tenants could hold you liable which could have undesirable consequences. A way to ensure that the malfunction was no fault on your part, is by receiving an electrical safety certificate on all electrical equipment you supply to prove that they were safe when you provided them.


Landlord’s Electrical Installation Certificates in Clapham

You need to ensure that any new electrical works that you have had installed, for example an extension, conform to the current electrical standards that are in place. Electrical installation certificates are a legal requirement for any new circuits that have been installed. Engineers at Lola Electrical are fully qualified and trained to carry out a full test and inspection on any new electrical installation within your property.


Remedial Works Needed in Clapham

If you failed to acquire your certificate after an electrical inspection, then we’re here to help you get your certificate. In cases that don’t pass the inspection and testing, simple remedial works are needed to ensure your electrics conform to the current standards. Lola Electrical engineers are fully qualified and experienced to complete any remedial works that may be needed. If you previously used our landlords’ electrical certificates Clapham services, then we can provide you with another inspection free of charge after performing remedial works. We can also perform remedial works and an inspection for you if you received your electrical inspection from another electrician.


Booking your Landlords’ Electrical Certificates Inspection in Clapham

If you require any kind of certificate for your electrical systems, then call Lola Electrical on 0203 146 1859 to book an appointment or to receive a free no obligation quote for any remedial works needed. Our comprehensive landlords’ electrical certificates Clapham services are second to none and will ensure that your electrical systems are safe.

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