Landlords’ Electrical Certificates Fulham

Here at Lola Electrical, we are all about quality services at affordable prices including our landlords’ electrical certificates Fulham services. Lola Electrical will provide you with a NICEIC and part p registered contractor to perform any inspection in addition to remedial works before issuing you with your certificates. Give us a call on 0203 146 1859 to book an appointment with us.


What are Landlords’ Electrical Certificates in Fulham?

Landlords should have three different types of certification for their Fulham properties:

  • Electrical installation condition reports
  • Electrical installation certificates
  • Electrical safety certificates

Electrical installation condition reports and electrical installation certificates are both mandatory types of certification that you require, and electrical safety certificates are highly recommended.


Landlords’ Electrical Installation Condition Reports in Fulham

The main type of landlords’ electrical certificates Fulham has to offer is the electrical installation condition report. This is a report that you receive after an electrician has performed a thorough inspection of your property and you must get this report:

  • Every 5 years
  • When there is a change of tenancy
  • If there has been a flood or fire on the property

If you fail to receive a valid certificate, then you will not be able to continue leasing your property to tenants until you do so. This is because the electrical installation condition report details any findings such as:

  • Any health and safety concerns such as loose or damaged cables within the electrical circuits
  • Any missing or inadequate protective devices for the electrical installations
  • Any deviations within the electrical circuits that could pose as a shock or fire risk
  • A lack of earth bonding present on the water and gas mains supplies

If these factors do not conform to the current electrical standards, then it will be detailed on the report. Any issues would need to be rectified before you can receive your landlords’ certificate. These findings would be issued an urgency rating; therefore, you know which remedial works are necessary and which are recommended to make your electrical installations more efficient.


Cost of Electrical Installation Condition Reports in Fulham

The cost of electrical installation condition reports will vary, however, Lola Electrical aim to provide competitive prices throughout South London. Our Landlords’ electrical certificates Fulham services range from a low £90 for a studio apartment to £120 for a five-bedroom property.


Landlords’ Electrical Installation Certificates in Fulham

If you get a new electrical installation, alter an electrical installation or add to an existing installation, then you’ll need to possess an electrical installation certificate to certify that the works are safe and conform to the current electrical standards. The electrical contractor should provide you with this certificate upon completion and will need to state whether the work they carried out were new, an addition or an alteration. You should always keep this certificate as it will make future electrical inspections easier and should the event of a claim from an injury or fire caused by the electrical installation, then the certificate will prove that it was installed safely.


Landlords’ Electrical Safety Certificates in Fulham

The last certificate that our Landlords’ electrical certificates Fulham services can provide is the electrical safety certificate. This certificate is to certify that any electrical appliances and equipment that you supply such as washing machines and refrigerators, were in regulation with electrical standards when you supplied them. This certificate is to protect you from any claims that a tenant may make if they have an injury as a result of using the electrical equipment that you supplied them.


Why Choose Lola Electrical for your Landlords’ Electrical Certificates in Fulham?

Lola Electrical is a company that will only provide fully qualified and NICEIC registered electricians that have experience in all fields of electrical work. Our electricians will never cut any corners and they are always striving to achieve 100% customer satisfaction and will go the extra mile to achieve this. You will also get transparent electricians that will keep you informed of any work that they are doing.

Lola Electrical provides competitive and fair pricing for all electrical services.


Receiving your Fulham Electrical Certificates

Whichever certificate you require from our comprehensive landlords’ electrical certificates Fulham services, you will be sure to receive a fair price with a quality service from Lola Electrical. Call us on 0203 146 1859 for any enquiries or to book an appointment with us.

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