Landlords’ Electrical Certificates Wembley

Are you a landlord of a property in Wembley or surrounding areas? Then get your landlords’ electrical certificates Wembley services from Lola Electrical today by calling us on 0203 146 1859; you won’t find a better price for your electrical certificates within Wembley.


Need your Landlords’ Electrical Certificates in Wembley?

Lola Electrical provides fully qualified, friendly and experienced NICEIC registered electricians to all properties within Wembley. Depending on the size of your property, we can offer electrical certificates for landlords at low prices:Landlords' electrical certificates Wembley

  • £90 for a studio apartment
  • £100 for a 1-3 bedroom property
  • £120 for a 4-5 bedroom property
  • £60 for an additional fuse board
  • £12 for an additional circuit
  • Prices based on one single phase fuse board of up to 10 circuits

Our landlords’ electrical certificates Wembley services only take a few short hours to give you peace of mind on your electrical installations.


What are Landlords’ Electrical Certificates?

Landlords’ electrical certificates are also referred to as periodic electrical inspections or electrical installation condition reports. They are the process of a certified electrician performing a thorough inspection of the electrical installations within a property. These inspections will test:

  • The residual current devices and their response time for tripping the electrical systems.
  • For any missing or inadequate earth bonding on water and gas main supplies.
  • For any missing or inadequate safety devices that should be present on electrical circuits.
  • That all electrical equipment is in good working order and for any safety concerns such as damaged or loose cables and sockets.
  • For any deviations from current government electrical standards.
  • For any defectives within the electrical installations.
  • For any potential health and safety concerns or fire hazards.

The purpose of our landlords’ electrical certificates Wembley services is to ensure that the electrical installations are safe for use and are in good working order.


Why does my Property in Wembley Need an Electrical Certificate?

Did you know that every property needs a valid electrical certificate to comply with government laws, Building Regulations and insurance policies? Until recently, landlords’ electrical certificates Wembley services were only highly recommended to give landlords peace of mind and to maintain an adequate level of maintenance on the electrical installations. Under new government regulations to protect the safety and welfare of tenants, a landlord must get their electrics inspected at least every 5 years for a standard property. You need to get your property inspected sooner if:

  • There is a change of tenancy
  • The property has a swimming pool (tested every year)
  • You’re leasing a caravan property (tested every 3 years)
  • A flood or fire has taken place on the property

An electrical inspection is the best way to check that your electrical installations are safe to use. If your property passes the inspection, then you will be presented with your landlords’ electrical certificate that will be valid for 5 years. During these 5 years, you will be protected from claims tenants can make and will be viable to receive insurance. If damage were to occur on your Wembley property from your electrics and your certificate has expired, then your insurance company won’t payout.


What Happens if Faults are Found?

The purpose of our landlords’ electrical certificates Wembley services is to identify any faults within the electrical installations. If any faults are identified, then you will receive different grades on your electrical installation condition report:

  • C1 – Means that danger is present, there is a risk of injury and immediate remedial works are needed to fix the faults.
  • C2 – Means that a defect is detected that could potentially lead to danger and remedial works are urgent.
  • C3 – Means that faults have been identified but do not pose danger and remedial works are recommended.

If you receive a C1 or a C2 grade, then your electrics won’t conform to the government regulations and you legally must take action to receive your landlords’ electrical certificate. With a C3 grade, your electrical installations will still pass as satisfactory, but it would be beneficial to fix them before they become more serious.

Lola Electrical engineers can provide you with a comprehensive quote for all remedial works needed.


Receiving your Landlords’ Electrical Certificates in Wembley

If you want the best landlords’ electrical certificates Wembley has to offer, then give Lola Electrical a call on 0203 146 1859 or email and you can get the peace of mind that you need.

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