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If you’re a landlord of a Weybridge property, you’re going to require our landlords’ electrical certificates Weybridge services to ensure that the electrical installations in your property conform to the legal standards that are required. For an electrical safety certificate quote, call Lola Electrical on 0203 146 1859.


Information on our Landlords’ Electrical Certificates Weybridge Services

If you are a new landlord, it can be a very stressful and confusing time with the legal requirements that need to be met to allow you to rent your property to tenants. One of these legal requirements is landlords’ electrical certificates and with new laws coming into effect soon, these are more important than ever, so we’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions to ensure you know about our landlords’ electrical certificates Weybridge services.


What is a Landlords Electrical Safety Certificate?

Landlords' Electrical Certificates WeybridgeA landlords’ electrical safety certificate is also known as a landlords’ electrical installation condition report. This report/certificate is presented to you after an electrician has performed a thorough inspection of your property and tested the electrical installations to ensure that they are in good working order. The report will detail findings such as:

  • Any deviations from current electrical standards such as loose or damaged cables.
  • Clarifying that the correct protective devices are present on electrical circuits.
  • Identifying any defectives within the electrical installations that could cause an electrical fire or a health and safety risk.
  • Identifying whether earth bonding is present on water and gas supplies.


What Happens if Faults are Detected?

If electrical faults are detected during the inspection, then they will be graded on severity. If they are minor or remedial works are recommended, then you can still receive your landlords’ electrical certificate. If your landlords’ electrical certificates Weybridge inspection detects serious faults, then these faults will need to be remedied before you can receive your electrical certificate. Lola Electrical will provide you with a fair and competitive quote for any remedial works that you need.


Is an Electrical Certificate Required for a Landlord?

Previously, it was required that landlords obtain an electrical certificate before tenants move in and appropriately maintain the electrical installations during the tenancy. Due to new laws coming into effect to protect tenants within a rented property, it’s imperative that a landlord obtains an electrical certificate to prove that the electrical installations are safe for the tenants to use.


How Long does a Landlords Electrical Certificate Last?

A landlords’ electrical certificate will now last for a duration of 5 years, therefore, by law, you must receive landlords’ electrical certificates Weybridge services every 5 years to always have a valid electrical safety certificate.


How much does a Landlords Electrical Certificate Cost?

Landlord electrical safety certificate costs can be lower than you think and will be worth it in the long term as they prevent injuries and damage to the property that could cost you more in the long run. Starting at £90 for a studio property, £100 for a 1-3 bedroom property and £120 for a 4-5 bedroom property, our landlords’ electrical certificates Weybridge services will ensure that any faults within your electrical installations are discovered. You know that our prices are competitive as the average price for a landlord’s electrical certificate will cost you anywhere between £100 and £250 and ours ranges from a low £90-£120.


Do Landlords need to PAT Test Electrical Items?

Currently, there is no legal obligation for a landlord of a domestic property to receive a PAT test certificate, however, it is recommended as it can protect you from claims that tenants may make against you due to injuries from electrical appliances and equipment that you’ve supplied. If you’re a landlord of a HMO property, then you legally have to PAT test the electrical appliances every year.


How do I get an Electrical Certificate?

To get an electrical certificate, you must get your property inspected by a qualified electrician or another qualified body that can sign your certificate off against government regulations. Here at Lola Electrical, we have a team of friendly and qualified contractors that can provide you with your landlords’ electrical certificates.


Receiving your Landlords’ Electrical Certificates in Weybridge

If you require our landlords’ electrical certificates Weybridge services, then call us on 0203 146 1859 and we’ll book an appointment in for you. For more information on electrical certificates, please do not hesitate to email us at

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