Landlords’ Electrical Certificates Wimbledon

If you are a landlord, you’ll need an electrical certificate to be able to rent out your property to tenants. Here at Lola Electrical, we can provide the most cost-effective landlords’ electrical certificates Wimbledon has available as we have great partnership packages with landlords. To book an electrical inspection to receive your electrical certificate, give us a call on 0203 146 1859.


What is a Landlords Electrical Certificate?

A Landlords electrical certificate is an electrical certificate that is presented to a landlord. An electrical certificate is a document that certifies the electrical installations within a property as safe. You can be presented with this certificate only after an electrical inspection has taken place where a certified electrician will perform thorough checks and tests on the electrical installations. After the inspection has taken place, you will be presented with an electrical installation condition report which will detail the findings of the inspection. If there are any major remedial works that need to be fixed that are listed on the report, then you will not receive your electrical certificate until these remedial works have taken place. Lola Electrical provide landlords’ electrical certificates in Wimbledon and South London.


What Happens if the Electrical Inspection Fails?

During the electrical inspection in Wimbledon, the electrician will check for:

  • Any loose or damaged cables within the electrical installations.
  • The correct protective devices on the electrical equipment and circuits.
  • Any defectives within the installation that could cause a shock or a fire.
  • The earth bonding that should be in place on all the waters and gas main supplies.

If any of these don’t conform to the current electrical standards, then it will be raised at the end of the inspection and you won’t receive your landlords’ electrical certificate in Wimbledon until these issues have been resolved as the electrical installations aren’t safe for use. Once all these fixes and upgrades have taken place, you will need another electrical inspection to receive your electrical certificate. If you choose to have your inspection and remedial works with Lola Electrical, then we will perform another electrical inspection completely free of charge. We will then send a PDF document of your electrical certificate within 24 hours of the passed electrical inspection.

Why do You Need an Electrical Certificate?

As a landlord, you are required by law to:Landlords’ Electrical Certificates Wimbledon

  • Ensure that the electrical installations within a property are safe to use by the tenants when they move in.
  • Properly maintain the electrical installations whilst the tenants are living there.
  • Supply appliances that are certified as safe with a CE marking on them.

An electrical certificate is the best way to prove that your property has all these criteria present. By law, you will not be able to legally lease out your property until you have matched all the criteria to obtain an electrical certificate. Lola Electrical provide the best landlords’ electrical certificates Wimbledon has available to ensure that you receive an electrical certificate that is affordable and conforms to the current electrical standards.


How Often Do You Need a Landlords Electrical Certificate?

When we provide landlords electrical certificates in Wimbledon, they have an expiry date as electrical installations deteriorate with time. Because of this, you need to have regular periodic inspections to receive another electrical certificate for your property. You need to get a new electrical certificate:

  • At least every 5 years. Sometimes the recommended date may be shorter depending on the standard of your electrical installations during the last electrical inspection.
  • Before letting new tenants move in after the previous tenants moved out.

Getting Your Landlords Electrical Certificates in Wimbledon

If you are about to lease out a property or your current electrical certificate has expired, then you are going to need affordable landlords’ electrical certificates Wimbledon can provide for you. Here at Lola Electrical, we provide all our services for South London including Wimbledon and surrounding areas. To book an appointment with us, call us on 0203 146 1859. For more information on your electrical installation condition report, email us on

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