Recommended Electricians London

Finding good recommended electricians London has to offer can be a difficult task; this is where we step in. Here at Lola Electrical we are all about making our customers happy by delivering a good service at competitive prices. Call us today on 0203 146 1859 to find out more information on all the services we have to offer you.


Best Recommended Electricians London Has to Offer

When you find an electrician that is reliable in addition to being good at their job, you should always recommend them to friends and family to ensure their electrics are in good hands. Here at Lola Electrical, most of our customers come from word of mouth from the fantastic work that we do:

Liam has done several bits of work for me and I cannot recommend him highly enough. Everything he has done has been great. Always turns up when he says he will, always does an amazing job and tidies up properly afterwards.

Lola Electrical has always been one of the best recommended electricians London has provided. We never want to disappoint our customers; therefore, we work hard to prove that we are worthy of a good recommendation. Costs are always an important factor when it comes to choosing an electrician; Lola Electrical is always working hard to deliver the best prices we can to our customers. To reward our loyal customers, we offer discounts and package deals making us a cheap electrician London can provide for you.


24-hour Electrician in London

In addition to being your recommended electricians London has provided, Lola Electrical are also your 24-hour electrician. We have an emergency electrician service that runs 24 hours a day, 365 days a year! That’s right, even if your electrics break down on Christmas day, Lola Electrical will be there to fix it for you. If you need us straight away, our prices start from a low £100 an hour at 15-minute increments. 90% of emergency call-outs are fixed within 1 hour or have a temporary solution in place. Lola Electrical are also hired on numerous occasions to inspect faults in electrical circuits.


Fault Finding With Lola Electrical

Recommended Electricians London

Faults can be a common problem in electrics and you need an electrician to identify the faults as electrics can be very dangerous. Lola Electrical offer great packages when it comes to fault finding:

  • For investigating the broken continuity of the lights circuits CPC – a minimum of a 2-hour booking is £140.
  • For investigating the broken continuity on the ring main circuit – a minimum of a 2-hour booking is £140.
  • For investigating the incorrect polarity within a circuit – a minimum of a 2-hour booking is £140.

95% of all faults are found within the allotted 2-hour time slot. However, if for any reason we cannot fix your fault within that time, we’ll give you an exact quote after the initial 2-hour booking; you can rest assured that we’ll fix your faults in a timely manner with low prices.


Why Choose Lola Electrical?

What makes Lola Electrical stand out from the crowd is that we are NICEIC registered electricians. NICEIC is a company that electricians register with, which means they must conform to the high standards of NICEIC, otherwise they get removed off the register. Lola Electrical have been meeting these high standards since we’ve begun, and we have never disappointed or faltered. To give you peace of mind, if we do produce sloppy work for the first time ever, NICEIC will rectify the work for you, completely free of charge.

We always work hard and can finish complicated jobs to a high standard; we love a challenge.

Lola Electrical can even design electrical systems for you! We design modern lighting systems for your home and many more electrical devices.

Your recommended electricians London will always tidy up after themselves, therefore you can rest assured that your home won’t be left in a messy state.

Choose Lola Electrical to get the best electrician London has to offer you.


Contact Lola Electrical

To get in touch with your certified electrician, call Lola Electrical on 0203 146 1859; your recommended electricians London will be happy to answer any enquiries you may have. To arrange a conversation with a specific electrician, email us on to book a meeting or to request a call-back from a member of our staff. We look forward to hearing from you.

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