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Finding a good electrician can be a difficult task, especially finding an electrician in London that cares about customer satisfaction. Here at Lola Electrical, customers are at the heart of everything we do; we always strive to achieve 100% customer satisfaction by going the extra mile to ensure we achieve this:

“Excellent electrical service. Liam and the team are always keen to go the extra mile to provide excellent service to customers. Highly recommended!”

To this day, we have never failed to achieve 100% customer satisfaction, if for any reason a customer is unsatisfied, we will keep trying until we achieve this. Furthermore, each customer is protected because we are registered with NICEIC; if Lola Electrical completes a job that doesn’t achieve a high enough standard, NICEIC will rectify this work completely free of charge to you. Therefore, if you need an electrician in London, that can produce outstanding quality in addition to a great service, Lola Electrical is the company for you. Furthermore, Lola Electrical can provide you with cheap electrician services if you’re in need of an electrician London; our prices are competitive, and we offer deals plus discounts to repeat customers.


Emergency Electrician Services

As part of our electrician London services, Lola Electrical can offer the following:

  • Boiler Repairs
  • Circuit Breaker Repairs and Installs
  • Electrical Maintenance
  • Electrical Repairs Remedial Works
  • Fault Finding Testing and Inspection
  • Fire Alarm Maintenance

We offer many more services however, these are our most popular emergency services. If there is any service you need at all at any time of day, Lola Electrical will be happy to undertake the work for you.

In addition to providing the above services, Lola Electrical has a great partnership with landlords.


Lola Electrical and Landlords

Lola Electrical is a popular company for landlords as electricians in London. We offer landlords HMO compliance in addition to electrical certificates. We help you to achieve your HMO licence from your local council as our electrician London; we achieve this by undertaking any work that is required. Every council has different requirements and we can give a general idea of what they’d like, however, it is best to ask them exactly what requirements they need. Lola Electrical can then undertake these tasks. The common electrical jobs needed to be completed to get a HMO licence are:

  • Electrical Safety Inspections
  • Emergency Lighting
  • Fire Alarms
  • Fire Rated Doors
  • Gas Safe Inspections


Electrical Installation Condition Reports

Electrical installation condition reports (electrical certificates) are a common electrical examination that landlords must undertake to rent out their properties. You need an electrical safety certificate when:

  • Selling or Buying a Property
  • Rental Properties
  • Electrical Safety Inspection After a Floor or Fire
  • Scheduled Electrical Inspection Dates

A certified electrician should inspect your electrical circuits at least every five years.


What Are Electrical Certificates?

An electrical installation condition report is a series of tests to ensure your electrical systems conform to the current electrical standards. It will highlight any deviations and repairs that need to take place to ensure it meets the electrical standards. Our electrician London services have the ability to provide this for you whenever you may need it.


If there is any work that needs to take place, Lola Electrical is happy to undertake this work for you to ensure you get your certificate. We can also be routinely booked in for landlords renting out properties, to ensure the properties electrics are always safe.


Contact Lola Electrical

To get in touch with your electrician London, call Lola Electrical on 0203 146 1859; one of our knowledgeable reception team will be happy to answer your questions. Alternatively, if you would like to speak to an engineer or Liam himself, you can request a phone meeting via email on liam@lolaelectrical.co.uk. Our team look forward to hearing from you and becoming the emergency electrician that you choose every time.

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