Energy Performance Certificates in London

What Are Energy Performance Certificates?

Energy performance certificates are documents which will provide information on the current energy efficiency of a property, in addition to its potential energy efficiency. The potential rating will be the properties energy efficiency rating once the recommended ways to reduce energy use have taken place. These could be factors such as double-glazed windows or wall cavity insulation.


How to Read an Energy Performance Certificate

An energy performance certificate is very simple to read. Firstly, it is split into two columns. The column on the left is the current energy efficiency rating. This rating is very clear, and it is rated from A (the highest) to G (the lowest). The best rating would be coloured in a green colour, the worst in a red colour and the ones in between changing from different shades of green, to yellow, orange then red. Not only are the ratings in a corresponding colour, but they also have a number assigned to them:

  • A – 92-100
  • B – 81-91
  • C – 69-80
  • D – 55-68
  • E – 39-54
  • F – 21-38
  • G – 1-20

The number rating is useful information to display because it shows whether the property is close to the next energy efficiency band or not.

Under the rating, you have the suggested changes that you should make to the property, how much they would cost to install and the typical savings that you’d made over a three-year period.


Why Get Energy Performance Certificates in London?

An energy performance certificate is a useful document to have because it shows if you can make potential savings on your property. You must get an energy performance certificate on your property if you are selling your property, leasing out your property, or getting a change in tenants as it must be shown on the handover.


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