EPC in London

What is an EPC?

An EPC is an acronym for energy performance certificate. An energy performance certificate is a document that will detail the energy efficiency rating of a property (grade A being the highest and G the lowest). Additionally, an EPC will detail the potential energy efficiency rating of a property. Its potential energy efficiency rating will be based off recommended work that needs to take place on the property in order to make it more efficient such as draught-proofing and cavity wall insulation.


Why Get an EPC in London?

It is a necessity that you get an EPC in London when you are selling a property (it must be shown to any potential buyer), when you have had any building work take place on your property and when you are letting your property out (the certificate needs to be shown somewhere within the property). When you are advertising to lease out your property, all potential tenants need to see the energy performance certificate, you also need to provide an energy performance certificate whenever there is a change of tenants within the property.

A registered body can provide you with an EPC in London after an inspection of the property has taken place. Once you have obtained an EPC, it is valid for 10 years and you must get a new one when it expires. You can be fined if you don’t get an EPC when you need one.


When to Implement The Suggested Changes

It is now law that if you are leasing out a property to tenants, the property needs to have an energy efficiency rating of at least an E. If your property fails to meet this, you are obliged to carry out the necessary work until the property achieves a grade E.

If you have had a hard time selling your property, then you may want to consider performing work to increase your energy efficiency rating. Potential buyers are unlikely to buy a property that has a low energy efficiency rating (below a D) because this means that their bills will be costly.


To receive an EPC in London, give Lola Electrical a call on 0203 146 1859; we will perform an inspection on your property before providing you with your EPC.

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