Gas Inspection in London

What is a Gas Inspection?

A gas inspection in London must be carried out by a Gas Safe Registered engineer. A gas inspection is a series of thorough checks on the gas systems and appliances within a building or property. A Gas Safe inspector will:

  • Check for damage on and around the gas appliances.
  • Perform a series of visual and operational checks and tests on your gas appliances and pipework to see whether they comply with the Gas Safety Regulations 1998 and other gas standards.
  • A visual risk assessment of gas appliances.
  • If it is a specific building or block of flats that have building regulations in place, the inspection will also check to see if the gas appliances conform to those standards.


What is the Gas Safety Inspection in London Designed to Check?

The gas safety inspection in London should be carried out yearly to ensure that all the gas appliances and equipment are safe for use. The periodic inspection will check the following:

  • The appliance is running at the correct operating pressure.
  • There is an adequate air supply available to the appliance to ensure it is burning gas correctly.
  • That all safety devices on gas appliances are working as they are designed to.
  • That all flues and chimneys are clear.

The gas safety check must always be carried out by a certified Gas Safe Registered engineer; Lola Electrical can supply you with Gas Safe Registered engineers that are fully trained and qualified.


What Happens if There is a Problem?

If our engineers find gas safety faults, then they will be classified with the Gas Industry Unsafe Situations Procedure. These faults will be sent in a report after the gas safety check has been completed. Here at Lola Electrical, our engineers will explain any faults that they find to ensure you understand what is happening. The report will detail how long you have available to fix any faults that have arisen to ensure that the premises are safe.


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