Security Lighting Installation

Security lighting is a great way to illuminate dark places outside and within communal areas in blocks of flats or workplaces. They can be installed cheaply and effectively with LED lighting which will consume very little amounts of energy.


Benefits of Security Lighting

Security lighting is a welcome addition to any home that has large garden spaces around it, long walkways, many points of entry and for communal areas in flats or commercial buildings. This is because security lighting:

  • Prevents Accidents – If you have a long walkway or have stairs that you need to climb to enter your property, then having security lighting installed can help to prevent accidents. During winter months, many people get home from work, and it is already nightfall; security lighting can illuminate the areas that go into your property to stop you from tripping up and having an accident.
  • Deters Crime – If you have security lighting that detects motion, this can deter any potential burglars. The lights will turn on as they’re in range which can illuminate their features or make them believe you are at home, this can stop them from breaking into your property as the likelihood that they could get caught increases.
  • Extends The Day Time – When it’s dark, it can be hard to do any gardening or for children to play in gardens safely; security lighting outside illuminates the area to extend the day time to ensure that the dark months don’t interfere with your day-to-day activities.
  • Gives Peace of Mind – When the area is illuminated around you, people generally feel safer and have peace of mind that nothing bad will happen.


Types of Security Lighting

Security lighting can be automatic due to motion detection or turn on manually via a switch inside the home.

Areas that you and your neighbours can see such as the sides of your property are better suited with outdoor lighting that you can manually turn on and off. This is because animals such as cats and foxes can set of motion detectors which can become annoying to your neighbours.

For points of access to your home such as the front door, security lighting that automatically turns on through motion or heat detection is the best method.

Automatic security lighting is best used in communal areas of commercial buildings that don’t need to be illuminated unless someone is passing through.


Installation of Security Lighting

Installing security lighting in the right place is crucial as you don’t want to be blinded by it or for it to annoy neighbours or people at work. Once the appropriate place is decided, the angle of the lighting needs to be just right to ensure that if there’s an intruder for example, you want it to illuminate their face enough so you can see their features. Too much or too little light, then you may not be able to see enough detail due to the shadows that will be created.

Our skilled electricians can help you decide which lighting is the best for you dependent on your needs and where it should go. Installations shouldn’t take long as security lighting is used in places that are often vacant, therefore, the installation shouldn’t be too disturbing to the workplace employees or residents of your home.


Contact Lola Electrical for Security Lighting Installation

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