Electrical Testing Twickenham

Here at Lola Electrical, we can offer an electrical testing Twickenham service to domestic, commercial and industrial properties alike. From just £90, we can ensure that the electrics within your property are safe to use. In the event that remedial works are needed, we will offer you a free no-obligation quote. To book your electrical testing services in Twickenham, call us on 0203 146 1859.


Electrical Inspection and Testing in Twickenham

All electrical installations and equipment will deteriorate over time and with use, therefore, it’s important that you get them regularly inspected and tested to ensure the safety of the users. These inspections and tests must be carried out by a registered body that can provide you with a legal document to validify the continued safe use of your electrics. There are many instances when you should acquire our electrical testing Twickenham services such as:Electrical Testing Twickenham

  • When buying a property
  • Regular periodic inspections (electrical installation condition reports)
  • Having an emergency lighting system
  • As a homeowner
  • When you supply portable electrical appliances to tenants of the public


Electrical Installation Condition Reports in Twickenham

An electrical installation condition report is a series of inspections and tests that are performed in accordance with the current government regulations. This is one of the best methods to ensure that your property complies with the Wiring Regulations that are in place. This inspection will assess and test for:

  • Any missing or inadequate earth bonding that should be present on water and gas main supplies.
  • Any missing or inadequate protective devices that should be present on electrical circuits.
  • Any defectives within the electrical installations that could cause a health and safety risk or a fire hazard.
  • Any loose or damaged cables in addition to deviations from current electrical standards.

This electrical testing Twickenham service should be carried out:

  • Every 10 years for a self-owned property
  • Every 5 years for a rental property
  • Every 5 years for a commercial property
  • Every 5 years for an industrial property
  • Every 3 years for a caravan
  • Every year for a property with a swimming pool


Emergency Lighting Testing in Twickenham

Nearly all commercial buildings, industrial buildings and HMO properties are required to have an emergency lighting system installed. If you have an emergency lighting system, you have a legal duty to maintain the system on a regular basis. Here at Lola Electrical, we can perform your routine electrical testing Twickenham services to ensure the functioning of your emergency lighting system. We recommend that you get these tests completed every 6 months.


Portable Appliance Testing in Twickenham

As with electrical installations, electrical equipment and appliances will deteriorate with use and time. As electrical equipment deteriorates, there is an increased risk of injury, damage or an electrical fire. If you own a commercial, an industrial or a HMO property, then you have a legal obligation to get your electrical equipment and appliances PAT tested annually in which you will receive certification as proof.


Buying a New Property

Costs of rewiring or upgrading an electrical installation within a property can be expensive and a mortgage surveyor will only make general comments on the condition of the electrics. Having a qualified electrician inspect and test the electrical installations within the property before you go ahead with the purchase is always strongly advised. If it’s identified that the electrics within the property need rewiring (there is a strong chance if the electrical installations are over 20 years old), then this can be used to reduce the property value before you buy.


Receiving your Electrical Testing Services in Twickenham

Getting your electrical equipment and installations tested regularly is important in ensuring safety and preventing unnecessary damage. If you live in Twickenham or surrounding areas, then Lola Electrical will not be beaten on electrical testing Twickenham services from any other electrical company. Call us on 0203 146 1859 for advice on electrical tests that you may need or to book an electrical test and inspection with us.

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