Emergency Lights Installation in London

Need emergency lights installed within your commercial building that run on a separate power supply in an emergency such as a fire? Lola Electrical can help you.


Why Have Emergency Lights Installed?

Emergency lights are a necessity in many commercial buildings that need light 24/7, such as hospitals. If your main electricity supply were to falter or a fire has taken place, then you’re going to need back up measures in place. Having emergency lighting installed in London is a way to keep everyone safe in emergencies. These lights will kick in when your normal lighting fails. Lola Electrical can also install special emergency lighting that illuminates the way to exit the building in cases such as a fire.


Our Emergency Lights Installation

The emergency lights that we install at Lola Electrical are self-contained units that are wired to the main switch. During a power failure, they can will stay lit due to the extended battery power backup. Lola Electrical will strategically place these emergency lights to highlight where all the emergency exits are within a building. Our emergency lights installation in London is the sure way to plan a safe and well-lit escape route to the outside.

When Lola Electrical installs your lighting system, we will do our best to keep the disruption to a minimum to ensure that you can still work around us as we’re installing your system.


Emergency Lights Installation Maintenance

If you’re in a commercial building that has emergency lighting installed, then you’re going to need your lighting regularly checked, especially for emergency lights that remain off until the emergency arises. Lola Electrical has trained engineers that can perform regular, scheduled checks on your emergency lighting systems to ensure that they work when the situation arises.


Whether you need your emergency lighting system upgraded, maintained or installed, Lola Electrical can provide everything you need for your emergency lights installation in London. Give us a call on 0203 146 1859 to book an appointment.


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