Electrical Testing Chelsea

Both landlords and business owners require different types of electrical testing Chelsea services to ensure that they are taking the appropriate safety measures. Here at Lola Electrical, we provide a range of electrical testing certificates in Chelsea at competitive prices. For more information on your legal obligations or to book an appointment with us, call 0203 146 1859.


Electrical Testing Chelsea Services at Lola Electrical

Electrical Testing ChelseaWith both domestic and commercial properties, it’s imperative that you receive the relevant electrical testing certificates for your premise. Here at Lola Electrical, our engineers are fully qualified in all electrical testing Chelsea services, including electrical installation condition reports, portable appliance testing, fire detection and alarm system inspection and service reports, fire detection and alarm system modification certificates, emergency lighting completion certificates and emergency lighting periodic inspection reports.

If you’re unsure which electrical testing services that you require in Chelsea, then an engineer from Lola Electrical is happy to inform you which certificates you need.


Electrical Installation Condition Reports in Chelsea

An electrical installation condition report is also referred to as an electrical certificate and all landlords and business owners should be aware of their importance as it is imperative that all properties receive one.

To receive an electrical installation condition report in Chelsea, the electrical installations within the property would need to be thoroughly inspected and tested to ensure their safety. Both commercial and domestic properties would need to receive an electrical test and inspection service every 5 years or if a flood or a fire were to occur on the property.


Portable Appliance Testing in Chelsea

Portable appliance testing is the process of performing a series of tests on all the portable electrical appliances and equipment that you supply within your domestic, commercial or industrial property. As the business owner of a commercial or industrial property, you are required by law to receive electrical testing Chelsea services for your PAT certificate; you also need an annual PAT certificate if you are a landlord of a HMO property.

As the landlord of a domestic property, it is highly recommended that you receive regular electrical testing services as this can protect you from any claims that a tenant may make as a result from an electrical injury caused by appliances that you supplied.


Emergency Lighting Testing in Chelsea

All commercial and industrial properties will have an emergency lighting system present. It is recommended that you should test the system every month to ensure that it’s functioning correctly. An electrician should perform a series of thorough tests on your emergency lighting system annually, during which your lighting needs to last the full duration.


Fire Alarm Testing in Chelsea

A responsible person should perform a routine test on the fire alarm system within commercial and industrial buildings on a weekly basis. Under government regulations, it states that fire alarm systems should be ‘adequately’ maintained. However, it is recommended that a qualified electrician should perform a routine test and inspection every 6 months to detect any faults within the system.


Why get your Electrics Tested?

In many cases, you have a legal obligation to receive electrical testing Chelsea services, however, even if you are not obliged to by law, it’s important that you get your electrics tested. The purpose of our electrical testing Chelsea services is to detect any potential faults within the system, allowing them to be appropriately fixed before they cause an injury or damage. In most cases, this can save you money as it’s often cheaper to pay for preventative measures over reactive maintenance (the process of fixing electrical equipment that has already broken down).

Having frequent electrical tests performed can give you peace of mind, protect the tenants, public and workforce within your property and prevent cases of reactive maintenance.

When we perform our electrical testing Chelsea services, Lola Electrical engineers will perform thorough tests. If any defectives are identified, then we will offer a fair and competitive quote for any remedial works needed.


Receiving your Electrical Testing in Chelsea

For any of the electrical testing certificates that you require in Chelsea, please do not hesitate to call us on 0203 146 1859; we will provide you with a free no-obligation quote before offering an appointment that is convenient to you.

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