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Are you looking for the highest quality electrical testing Weybridge can provide for you? Here at Lola Electrical, we have a team of highly experienced and qualified electricians that use the latest, state of the art technology to execute a series of thorough tests and inspections to identify any faults within electrical systems and equipment. Call Lola Electrical on 0203 146 1859 to receive a free no obligation quote for your electrical testing in Weybridge.


Types of Electrical Testing in Weybridge

Electrical Testing WeybridgeIt’s important to have regular electrical testing in Weybridge to prevent damage to your electrical systems which could cause damage to your property or worse, injury or death to the user. If you are a landlord of a domestic property or own a commercial or industrial building, then it is vital that your electrical systems are frequently tested. Some tests that you need frequently are RCD testing, fire alarm testing, electrical inspections, portable appliance testing and emergency lighting system testing. Our electrical testing Weybridge services can give you access to all these electrical tests.


RCD Testing

RCD’s (residual current devices) are the devices on the consumer unit that protects people from electrical shocks that could result in cardiac failure. When there is too much power flow or an imbalance going through one circuit, the residual current devices will detect this and cut off electricity to that circuit to prevent electrocution. It’s imperative that the residual current devices are always in good working order to ensure the safety of the users. Lola Electrical engineers can perform a series of tests on each separate circuit to ensure that the RCD’s are working correctly and conform to the latest electrical standards.


Fire Alarm Testing

Fire alarms are important devices that will detect when a fire is occurring. You never want to discover that a fire alarm isn’t working when it’s too late which is why it’s imperative that regular tests are carried out. A weekly test should be carried out by a competent person within the premises; however, a full in-depth test should be carried out by an electrician at least every 6 months to detect any faults within the system that can be rectified before reactive maintenance needs to take place. Lola Electrical can ensure that you receive a thorough fire alarm electrical testing Weybridge service.


Electrical Inspection and Testing in Weybridge

All types of properties need a periodic electrical inspection of the electrical installations present to receive an electrical certificate. The electrician will perform a series of inspections and tests on all the electrical installations and circuits to detect any faults, defectives and conformities from the electrical standards. Lola Electrical has electrical inspection services across London including Weybridge.


Portable Appliance Testing

Portable electrical appliance testing is a requirement in many commercial buildings and HMO’s. These electrical testing services cover anything from heavy machinery to computers that are used by the public or workforce. The government have standards in place surrounding electrical equipment, therefore, it’s best to get a certified electrician to test the equipment to identify any issues that don’t conform to electrical standards.


Emergency Lighting Testing

All commercial buildings and HMO properties will have some form of emergency lighting system installed depending on the type of building. These emergency lighting systems need to work in cases such as a fire or the malfunction of the normal lighting system. The emergency lighting system is present to help guide people to safety in an emergency. To ensure the safety of the residents and the public, these emergency lighting systems always need to be fully functioning. An electrician needs to perform regular testing to ensure that the emergency lighting system can stay on for a minimum of three hours; if the lighting system fails these tests, then the batteries would need to be replaced.


Receiving Electrical Testing in Weybridge

Whichever electrical testing Weybridge service that you require, Lola Electrical can provide you with an electrician that can carry out a series of in-depth tests to ensure that all your electrical installations and systems conform to the current electrical standards. If you require our electrical testing Weybridge services, call us on 0203 146 1859 and we can offer a free, no obligation competitively price quote.

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